SIOBHÁN K CRONIN (USA/UK) is an engineer and scientist with a passion for form and movement in complex systems. 

She began her career in a neuroscience laboratory at Harvard Medical School, while moonlighting as a contemporary dancer. After several years helming cultural NGOs, she shifted her attention to applied machine learning, complexity modeling, differential geometry, and emergence. She is currently building an ML-driven predictive model for a SF transportation startup, and collaborating on modeling tools inspired by swarm intelligence algorithms. 

She has published research in Brain & Cognition, Neuroreport, and Model View Culture, and has given presentations at the Conference on Complex Systems, Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience, AlterConf, PyLadies, and Temple University.

Siobhán is a member of Bay Area Women in Machine Learning and Data Science and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS), an advisor of the Bay Area Arts and Science Interactive Collaborative Sessions (BAASICS), and the founder of the Quadrivium Institute, which is currently being developed in partnership with Slow Research Lab.

STACK: Python, sqlite, sklearn, PyMC3, vim, AWS