SIOBHÁN K CRONIN (USA/UK) is a machine learning engineer, scientist and artist with a passion for form and movement in complex systems. 

She began her career researching how humans learn at Harvard's Lab for Developmental Studies and at Harvard Medical School, and now develops tools to help machines and humans collaborate to solve hard problems. Siobhán is currently a software engineer at Uncountable and a contributor to the open source swarm intelligence optimization tool PySwarms.

Siobhán has published research in Brain & Cognition, Neuroreport, and Model View Culture, and has given talks at Metis, the Conference on Complex Systems, Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience, AlterConf, PyLadies, and Temple University. She is a member of Bay Area Women in Machine Learning and Data Science and IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS), and coordinates a monthly a machine learning working group in San Francisco.

Siobhán's art exists at the intersection of geometry, movement, and music, and has been shared at San Francisco’s Symphony Hall, the DeYoung Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Women's Building, and ODC Theater. She has received research funding from Movement Research, San Francisco Arts Commission, Puffin Foundation, and Jerome Foundation, as well as residencies from the Santa Fe Art Institute and Playa Summer Lake.

STACK: Python, C++, SQL/NoSQL, Spark, Sklearn, PySwarms, PyMC3, vim