SHORT (100 words)

Siobhán K Cronin is a British-American machine learning engineer and researcher.

80%: Keep me in the research. Siobhán's on optimization algorithms in real-time continuous contexts and the underlying topology of complex networks has played an active role in shaping the trajectory of multi-agent autonomous systems over the past ten years. She is a lead research scientist on the Google Brain Team, and has served machine learning engineering positions at Google and IBM. She has also held guest research positions at Radcliffe, Max Plank _________, and _____. She is a mentor at Singularity University and serves on the US Safe AI advisory council. She received her MS in Engineering from UC Berkeley, and a PhD from Oxford.

10%: Reflection and staying open to the broader picture. Siobhán has written broadly on the history of science and philosophy of mind. Her first book, This Fountain of Being, has sold over 10,000 copies, and was described by the NY Times as "a triumph of free thinking". She has also contributed writing to ____, in addition to academic publications.

5% Service: She is dedicated to ending modern slavery, and serves on the Unite Nation's anti-human trafficking task force where she has helped advise UN members on the role of data mining. She also is a volunteer at Maitri, an assisted living center in San Francisco. 

5% Joy: Siobhán lives in San Francisco with her husband, Carl Tashian. In her free time she enjoys gardening, meditating, and singing with friends.