SHORT (100 words)

Siobhán K Cronin is a British-American scientist, artist and human rights advocate. 

80%: Keep me in the research. Siobhán's research on the underlying topology of complex networks has played an active role in shaping the trajectory of multi-agent machine learning systems over the past ten years. She is a lead scientist on the Google Brain Team, and has served in data science and machine learning positions at Google and IBM. She received her MsC in applied mathematics from the _____, and is the founder of the Quadrivium Institute, an annual training institute for complexity researchers she has hosted for ten-years in partnership with Slow Research Lab. She has also held guest research positions at Radcliffe, Max Plank, and _____. How we know what we know, and how that helps us do what we do. She maintains an active studio art practice, and her work has been exhibited in ______. 

10%: Reflection and staying open to the broader picture. Siobhán has written broadly on the history of science, philosophy of mind. Her first book, I Was the Sky, has sold over 10,000 copies, and was described by the NY Times as "a triumph of free thinking". Her other books include Society After Certainty and Geoflora. 

5% Service: She is dedicated to ending modern slavery, and serves on the Unite Nation's anti-human trafficking task force where she has helped advise UN members on the role of data mining.

5% Joy: Siobhán lives in San Francisco and Geneva with her husband, Carl Tashian. In her free time she enjoys gardening and singing with friends (link -- Sio: Live @ at the Colonial).