White Radial / by Siobhán Cronin

For a long time we bowed our heads to the great stillness
in remembrance of the time when the four winds held their breath
our blood moved slowly, searching the bramble of our bones for a pinpoint of light
From deep within the soft idea of life stirred
It travelled up our spine, bringing fullness to our flesh and skin
At long last, our left hand called to our heart
a long journey through air as thick as mud
It was followed by the right hand, which made its own long passage
When the hands arrived, they were told a secret that only plants understand
Inspired to discover the revelation for herself, left hand travels out into space,
back through the air soil
right makes a similar passage
they find a position, and hold fast, waiting
neither close nor far
they gather in tightly
bursting into white radial
supported by flexible limbs
poisonous, of course, but there is healing in measured suffering
After moments of months we hear the flutter of pigeon wings
as a single flower, heavy with purpose
falls forever towards the soil