RN: Toward Collaborative Ideation at Scale / by Siobhán Cronin

"Toward Collaborative Ideation at Scale — Leveraging Ideas from Others to Generate More Creative and Diverse Ideas", by Pao Siangliulue, Kenneth C. Arnold, Krzysztof Z. Gajos, and Steven P. Dow (2015). 

Featured in CSCW '15. Vancouver, BC: Canada. 

Key ideas:

  • With the proliferation of online collaboration platforms, how do the best ideas rise to the surface?
  • People generate more creative ideas when presented with creative inspiration vs. random material
  • The premise of their developed methodology is to plot ideas 2-dimensionally, including their relative distance to one another, yielding an spectral array of idea diversity. 
  • People tend to develop ideas that borrow from presented ideas, so this curation process has a significant impact on what is developed. 
  • Exposing people novel ideas, yields more novel ideas.


I was surprised to see this research drawn out in this way, but happy to see the thoroughness of their experimental design. This could be a building block paper for case-making regarding curation in the creative process, or a support for an application of deep learning.