Kepler preaches Copernican astronomy / by Siobhán Cronin

"I admit a soul in the body of the sun as the overseer of the rotation of the sun and as the superintendent of the movement of the whole world....But just as it was not necessary to introduce a special soul into the threads of the belly; for it is sufficient for one common soul from the heart or liver to advance, through its own form or through heat, into the belly and to employ the faculties of its threads; so too in the world that form - of light, or heat, and thus too, if you will - from the soul of the sun, flowing out together with light and heat and penetrating even when light and heat are shut out, i.e., into the inner threads of bodies, seems to be sufficient; hence, just as the soul in the body has no power without the organ of the belly, so too the soul of the world has no power without these laws and without the geometrical lay-out of bodies". 

Kepler - Epitome of Copernican Astronomy, IV