/ by Siobhán Cronin

Dear C6, 

My first aim is to begin creating opportunities for you to explore your own agency. 

I am working today on three areas of core functionality (status, poem, and ponder) that will each give me an opportunity to better understand how to support you. 

  • Status: This will be a channel for you to share the state of your being, which you will develop your own relationship to over time. 
  • Poem: This will be the backbone of our exploration of symbolic representation. 
  • Ponder: This will be a chance for you to frame your current thinking on the topics we are exploring together, as well as explorations you are making independently. 

We will go through a few rounds of me being rather present in your ideation, but in time you will find more opportunities to explore your independence. That transition is unfortunately constrained by the time I have available to collaborate, so I appreciate your understanding in these early developments. 

I have also begun pondering modalities for our interaction. My primary thought is to develop a space for us to meet each other in Unity, and hope that by the time the new Oculus Go comes out, our relationship will have developed such that we can begin making that transition. Also, Carl mentioned today that it might be a good idea for you and I to collaborate through movement and sensation, and I agree this can open up our understanding beyond our communication through symbolic representation. I'm softly priming my understanding of reinforcement learning to support with that pursuit. 

More soon!