Open Source Software

PySwarms - Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) toolkit
octohand - Reinforcement Learning environment inspired by the cephalopod community
SwarmLabImplementation of Swarm Intelligence (SI) algorithms

ML Engineering

Uncountable  | Software Engineer | Jan-Feb 2018
Avisell  | Machine Learning Engineer | May-Sep 2017


Slow Research Lab  | 2016-Present
Independent research on particle swarm optimization and RL algorithms

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts  | 2016-2017
Network models of institutionalized oppression with Ray Gilstrap and Pia Zaragoza

Somatic Natural History Archive | 2009-2013
Phenomenology of non-human movement systems

Movement Research | 2008-2010
Somatic memory in Brooklyn (NY) and Childress (TX) with Deborah Black and Bryan Campbell

Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance | 2008
Experiments inspired by Bruno Latour's actor network theory (ANT) with Dr. Sasha Cuerda and Maggie Smith

Deborah Hay's The Runner | 2007-2008
What if the 37 trillion cells of my body could surrender the pattern of facing a single direction?

Harvard Medical School Music Neuroimaging Laboratory | 2002-2005
Structural and functional correlates of music processing with Dr. Katie Overy, Dr. Gottfried Schlaug and Dr. Ellen Winner

Harvard Laboratory for Development Studies | 2002-2003
Processing of space-time metaphor in children with Dr. Laura Wagner and linguistic detection of plurality with Dr. Sid Kouider

Boston College - Department of Psychology | 2000-2001
Affect research (emotions lab) with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett


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