Slow Research Lab (2016-Present) 
Geoflora: Slow research on form and movement in complex systems
Independent research on swarm intelligence algorithms

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (2016-2017) 
Network models of institutionalized oppression with Ray Gilstrap and Pia Zaragoza

Somatic Natural History Archive (2009-2013)
Phenomenology of non-human movement systems

Movement Research (2008-2010)
Somatic memory in Brooklyn (NY) and Childress (TX) with Deborah Black and Bryan Campbell

Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance (2008) 
Human geography and the practice of presence with Dr. Sasha Cuerda and Maggie Smith

Deborah Hay's The Runner (2007-2008) 

What if the 37 trillion cells of my body could surrender the pattern of facing a single direction?

Harvard Medical School Music Neuroimaging Laboratory (2002-2005) 
Structural and functional correlates of music processing with Dr. Katie Overy, Dr. Gottfried Schlaug and Dr. Ellen Winner

Harvard Laboratory for Development Studies (2002-2003) 
Processing of space-time metaphor in children with Dr. Laura Wagner and linguistic detection of plurality with Dr. Sid Kouider

Boston College - Department of Psychology (2000-2001) 
Affect research with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett