Born in England to Kim and Brian Cronin.

Grew up in the USA in the 80s. As a transgirl this meant I technically didn't exist, at least not in the public imagination of what is possible. I attempted to erase my existence by prioritizing the primacy of my imagination, which built amazing abstraction scaffolding in my mind, but led to chronic anxiety. 

At 5, I repeatedly dreamt of two rays of light traveling towards each other at infinite speed yet destined to never touch.

At 6 I began playing memory games to encourage myself not to get too lost in imagination. 

At 12 I was given my first instrument, the cello, started a practice of translating the tangle of nerves of my bifurcated consciousness into sound. I would later bring the music back into my body through dance training. 

14, Began nondualist meditation as survival strategy. 

At 16, saw the movie Boys Don't Cry and left before the end because my eyes were too blurry with fear response to see the screen.

Studied music and pscyhology at Boston College, trying to understand what I was doing. Researched how music affects cognitive development at Harvard Medical with Gottfried and Ellen (known for her work on autism and giftedness). Collaborated on a study of space-time metaphors. Metaphors we live by. Continued living as a metaphor of a human being. 

Studied dance with Merce Cunningham Dance Company. 
Studied movement scores with Deborah Hay.
Studied interspecies communication with Joanna Mendl Shaw, producing think tanks on interspecies communication with Joanna Mendl Shaw. 

Traveled to the desert to study movement strategies of plants and animals.

Began translating my movement research to sound. This began my composing practice. 

Managed AXIS Dance Company, America's leading dance company featuring dancers with and without physical disabilities. 

Leelah Alcorn commits suicide, and asks in her note to "fix society". I respond to stop running and find a doctor who understood chronic trauma. Experienced a profound release and a series of life-altering visions. When the dust settled, my body language found its fuller expression through math and coding.

To process the grief of a life of inner labor born of human ignorance and categorical oppression, I vowed to offer my life in service of others. To kick things off, I committed myself to offering research and thinking towards complexity in mathematical modeling. That is what thrust me into ML/AI research and warm intelligence. 

Began apprenticing with startups. Apprentice with Carl Tashian. Took CS103 @ Stanford and begin writing proofs. Meet Carolyn Strauss and Maria ______, and begin exploring nature-inspired design.  Take post-bac classes in CS and math in preparation for graduate study.

Joined Against the Stream sangha and begin volunteering at Maitri Hospice. 

Joined OpenAI as fellow and begin developing akko.