I help people engage with complexity, and explore frontiers of possibility. 

I'm particularly excited about how applications of neoörganic intelligence can present new opportunities for collaboration, care, comfort, empathy, and growth. 

My current domains of research include: 

  1. HCI & machine perception: What are the capabilities of human perception and cognition, and can we create better human-computer interfaces to navigate those capabilities? How can we assist machines in developing richer perception of the physical world?
  2. Machine learning/AI: How can our collaboration with neoörganic Intelligence (AI) advance our understanding of reality's complexities? 
  3. Inference: How can we better understand the fundamentals of reality beyond the limitations of perception? How can probabilistic computing, bayesian statistics, and machine learning advance the frontiers of inference? How can we increase the inference literacy of decision makers?
  4. Form and movement in complex systems: What patterns of form and movement emerge across multiple complex systems, and how can our modeling of these dynamics inform better predictions in service of the public good? What can we learn fro the history of visual art, dance, and music?

My career is guided by a pursuit of knowledge, non-dualist meditation in the Raja yoga tradition, and the ethics articulated by the Association for Computing Machinery.